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Research & Mediation


Suzan's academic study of Indonesia began in the 1970's. Since then she researched and taught about Indonesia both within and outside academia. She has researched and co-edited studies on Javanese and Indonesian literature, Indonesian politics and the economy, and Indonesian Muslim women in Australia .

She has written on the Indonesian education system, on Australian-Indonesian artistic engagement , the performance of Indonesian independence, politics and Indonesian popular music, and on interpreting the Other's culture.

Her writings include:

•  - Inbetween, Gang re:Publik, 2008

•  - The Performance of Resistance in New Order and Post New Order Indonesia : framed through the music of Swami, UTS Symposium: Music and the production of place, 9 May 2008

•  - Moving beyond ignorance, Inside Indonesia, Edition 76, >> click here

•  - Musik Indonesia Dari 1950-an Hingga 1980-an' Prisma , No. 5, Year XVI, May 1987, ‘Indonesian Music From the 50's to the 80's'March 1987, Prisma , No. 43, co-authored with Sawung Jabo

Intercultural Mediation

Through interpreting, translating, writing and research, arts services and business strategies Wot provides services to help bridge the gaps in understanding between Indonesia and Australia .

Understanding between the two countries has improved as engagement with each other has deepened. However, bad news sells and it's hard to undo a bad first impression. Communication skills are often viewed as intuitive or universal but there are key subtle differences. Let us help you get off on the right foot.

Different cultural practices distinguish every nation. Taking the time to understand and respect the other better up front ensures a deeper understanding and enduring trust can be reached. Wot offers a country briefing that profiles the politics, his to ry, geography and culture of the country targeted to the specific needs of the client. Knowing the correct business and personal etiquette is crucial. Further ongoing advice is also offered for effective training and cross-cultural communication skills.